\# With CURL, just supply your username as basic auth (-u) in the header of each request as follows:

curl \
    -H "Content-Type: application/vnd.json+api" \
    -u  USsRhsHYZGBPnQw8CByJyEQW:8a14c2f9-d94b-4c72-8f5c-a62908e5b30e

To communicate with the Finix API, you need to authenticate your requests via http basic access authentication with a username and password, which you can locate in your Dashboard. If you do not have a Dashboard, you can test our APIs with the credentials below:

  • Username: USsRhsHYZGBPnQw8CByJyEQW
  • Password: 8a14c2f9-d94b-4c72-8f5c-a62908e5b30e
  • Application ID: APgPDQrLD52TYvqazjHJJchM

An Application is a resource that represents your web app, such as a web service that connects buyers (i.e. customers) and sellers (i.e. merchants).