Your Finix Account

Learn about signing up and getting your Finix account setup.

When you sign up with Finix, you're given an account that allows you to login and access the Finix Dashboard.

You will work with your Finix point of contact to get you ready to access the production environment to process live transactions.

Signing Up and Getting an Account

Sign up for a Finix account through the Get Started button on the Finix website or the Sign Up Button in documentation.

A person from Finix will reach out to discuss your payment needs. They'll create a Sandbox account for you. The Sandbox account is an Application which represents your platform.

The Finix contact will also ask you about what dashboard users you want to invite. Provide an email for each user you want to invite and they will receive an email to finalize the creation of their dashboard account.

You can create API credentials from within the dashboard and share them with your developer so the can start their integration.

Credentials and Logging In

When you are only on the Sandbox environment, logging in to the dashboard takes you straight to the sandbox homepage. Once you have a production account, you will see an account selection screen where you can choose to enter sandbox or production.

Sandbox and Production Environments

Finix maintains two separate systems, a sandbox environment where you can build and test your integration into Finix and a production environment where you will process live transactions and real money movements.

Anything within sandbox will not affect real life money so you can experiment without concern of unexpected fund movement.

When you get a production access, you'll be given a production account. You will still have your sandbox account, so you can keep your sandbox and production environments separate. Once you think you are ready, you can apply for production environment.

Applying for Production Environment

Accessing the Production environment allows you to process live transactions. Finix needs to evaluate your business and integration to give a production account.

To get a production account, you need to:

  1. Build your integration .
    1. Use the integration checklist to determine if your implementation is complete.
    2. Pass the sandbox certification . Finix's support team will evaluate your sandbox account to determine all steps were successfully completed.
  2. Evaluate your business requirements or restrictions .
    1. Make sure Finix supports your use cases.
    2. Align with your Finix point of contact on your use cases.
  3. Complete operational readiness training .
    1. Reach out to your Finix point of contact to perform the training.
    2. Have the training and ensure you meet any additional considerations.
  4. Resolve business terms and sign contract. You will be given a dedicated Production Application account and can start processing transactions in production.


With the dashboard, you can manage your account and change your settings. Learn more in our Dashboard guide.

Operational Readiness Training

Finix manages the vast majority of operational considerations in running a payment platform day to day. Though before going into production, we'll train you on the topics we expect you to manage. This is called Operational Readiness Training.

Operational readiness training makes sure you are using the dashboard correctly and that you are ready to manage these essential areas:

Your Finix point of contact will arrange the Operational Readiness training prior to getting production access.