Release Notes

Learn about the latest changes made to Finix.

This page notes the additions and updates made to Finix. For changes to the Finix API and how to update your API version, see Versioning.

December 2022

December 15, 2022 - Dashboard Updates

Applications Page

This is the last of a three-part release to refresh the user experience of our entire dashboard. The additional user experience improvements include reorganizing the Application, Merchant, and Push-to-Card pages to simplify where to find the most helpful information and make finding that information more intuitive. The changes made to the dashboard the past three weeks should help you complete tasks more quickly and efficiently–for example, by using new filters to easily create on-demand reports for information you’re seeking, or using the click-to-copy function to accurately and efficiently transfer data to external databases.

For more information about what's available in the Finix dashboard, see Finix dashboard.

November 2022

November 17, 2022 - New Dashboard Designs, Embedded Onboarding Forms, & Payout Settings

Release Notes

  • Thanks to the collective feedback from our customers about the Finix dashboard, every page of the Finix dashboard has been redesigned, focusing specifically on how content is organized, utilized by different teams (such as features catered to developers and to payment operations), and laid out for greater clarity, discoverability, and ease of use. This release kicked off the implementation of those designs.

  • We’ve updated naming conventions to be more intuitive, for instance: “Transfers” that are buyer purchases are now called “Payments” in the dashboard. Payments now appear along with “Authorizations” and “Refunds” in the “Transactions” list in the left navigation bar of your dashboard.

  • We’ve better organized pages within each section of the dashboard, and added more filters so you can easily sort and report on information you want to see at any given time. These filters are also helpful to pull on-demand reports from the dashboard so that you don’t need to wait for settlement reports, which come at the end of the day and include comprehensive information, which may not be needed if your goal is to extract a finite set of information from a given time period. These reports can be found in your exports section of the dashboard–at the bottom left–so you can go back and reference them at any time. You can also download them as a CSV file.

  • Lastly, we improved the settlements experience with detailed page headers that showcase the payout type of a given transaction (such as net versus gross payout type).
  • We released an entirely new suite of payment terminals for In-Person Payments including the addition of new Finix Mobile SDKs and new Finix APIs so that you can choose the software and hardware pairing that works best for your business.

Learn more about getting started with In-Person Payments

  • You can now white label using your own branding with Finix! :
    • You can now white-label, or customize your dashboard, your merchants’ dashboards, and embedded merchant onboarding forms using your own company branding - including your company logo and colors.
    • White labeling creates a consistent user experience for your merchants which can lead to increased trust and translate to a higher willingness to complete onboarding more quickly.