User Roles

When you sign up for Finix, you get a pair of credentials that you use to set up your Finix Dashboard and/or create requests with Finix's API. Due to the sensitive nature of these credentials, access is tightly controlled.

Users have three potential roles in Finix, which provide different levels of access:

Role Permissions
  • Access to all Applications and Merchant data (Finix Core Only).
  • Access every permission for any Application created with the ROLE_PLATFORM credentials (e.g., Create a Sale, Identity, Reversal, Payment Instrument, etc.).
  • Users can create Applications, Merchants and assign ROLE_PARTNER and ROLE_MERCHANT credentials.
  • ROLE_PLATFORM credentials are Finix's highest level of access; ROLE_PLATFORM users can see and manage almost everything.
  • Access to the data of one Application and that application’s Merchant data (i.e., Merchants created under the Application).
  • Access to ROLE_MERCHANT permissions for any Merchant created under the Application (e.g., Create a Sale, Identity, Reversal, Payment Instrument, etc.).
  • Users can create Merchants and assign ROLE_MERCHANT credentials.
  • ROLE_PARTNER credentials are the highest level of access available for Finix Flex customers; ROLE_PARTNER credentials enable you to investigate any issues that can come up when processing a Merchants payments.
  • Access to the data of one Merchant.
  • Freely use Finix's API with one Merchant (e.g., Create a Sale, Identity, Reversal, Payment Instrument, etc.).
  • ROLE_MERCHANT credentials are for your sellers; Merchants who use your platform to connect with buyers.

Finix ROLE_PLATFORM credentials have the highest levels of access and offer the most customization. However, more developer work is involved, and ROLE_PLATFORM users are held liable for more responsibilities like approving Settlements.

  • Finix Flex customers receive ROLE_PARTNER credentials.
  • Finix Core customers receive ROLE_PLATFORM credentials.

If you have any questions about the credentials you receive, reach out to your Finix point of contact or Finix Support.