Finix offers a few different ways to process payments. To remain out of PCI scope, many users tokenize payment information using hosted fields provided by Finix.

Payment Processing Articles

Article Description
Tokenization with Hosted Fields Secure sensitive credit and debit card data using and hosted fields provided by Finix.
Card Verification Checks Review the verification checks Finix performs to authorize payments.
Fraud Detection Use Finix's Fraud Detection API to detect and stop potentially fraudulent transactions performed by bad actors.
Account Updater Use Finix's Account Updater API to update the credit card information you have saved for customers without needing to contact each individual cardholder.
Level 2 and 3 Processing Lower intechange by providing additional fields.
Buyer Charges Use Buyer charges to charge customer's convenience fees, service fees, or rental fees.
Alternative Payment Methods Accept alternative payment methods like Apple Pay™ and Google Pay™.
In-Person Payments Process payments with a physical card.
Refunding and Cancelling Payments Refund any payment processed through Finix.