1099-K Tax Forms

Every year, Finix's processor sends out a 1099-K form to every Finix account. The 1099-K form details the sales activity of your account to help you report your taxes. This form is sent to you, the IRS, and some US states.

  • For information about understanding your 1099-K form, see the following IRS article .
  • For your review, a blank example of the 1099-K form is available here .

The 1099-K form is generated based on the information saved in the identities resource associated with the merchant.

Keep the identities resource updated with any changes to ensure there aren't any issues with the 1099-K form. Changes that would require the identities resource to be updated include:

  • Change in address or name.
  • Ownership changes.
  • Bank account changes.
  • Change in tax ID or other entity information.

If you make changes to the identities resource, you'll need to verify the updated information by submitting a new Merchant Verification Request and provisioning the merchant again.

For details on how to re-provision a merchant, see Re-Verifying Already Approved Merchants.

Note: The total amount listed on the 1099-K form is the gross total. Refunds, credits, and fees are not included in the amount listed on the 1099-K form.