Learn about the Finix Dashboard.

During onboarding, a Finix Dashboard gets created for sellers. Sellers can log in to this dashboard to view metrics on the payments they've processed and perform other common flows in Finix. Some flows available through the Finix API are not available on the dashboard. These flows include creating an Identity, creating a Transfer, creating an Authorization, etc. We're actively working on expanding the dashboard's capabilities and bringing these and other new functionalities to it.

Finix Dashboard Home

Creating Dashboard Credentials

Sellers set up the credentials to log in to their dashboard during onboarding with their Finix point of contact. The credentials they use to log into the dashboard gets made up of:

  • a preferred email address
  • a password configured by Finix

Once credentials get set up, sellers can log in to the Finix Dashboard at: https://dashboard.finix.com/.

Adding New Users

Sellers need to reach out to Finix to grant dashboard access to new users.

Service providers can reach out to their Finix point of contact or Finix Support to get new credentials created for their new users.

Updating Credentials

Reach out to your Finix point of contact or Finix Support to update or make changes to your dashboard credentials. Changes can include resetting your password or updating the email address.

Dashboard Reports

Several pre-defined reports are available to download on the Finix Dashboard as a CSV file.

For more info, see Reports.

Home Page

The landing page, or Home, of your Finix Dashboard provides a quick overview of how many payments you're processing.

Home Page

Searching the Dashboard

You can use the search bar to look up the details of any id created under your account.

This includes the id of Transactions, Authorizations, Applications, Merchant Accounts, Identities, Subscription Billing, Payout Plans, Settlements, etc. Any id created under your account can be reviewed in your Finix Dashboard.

White Labeling and Customizing the Dashboard

You can customize several attributes of the Finix Dashboard, including:

  • Colors
  • Logo
  • Subdomain

Custom Finix Dashboard

Customizing the Finix Dashboard provides your sellers with a branded user experience. For more info, see White Labeling and Customizing Finix Dashboards.